Friday, March 30, 2012

Dax indicators 29.3.2012

Dax futures are currently trading above 6940, which is nice with yesterday's trades. Indicators are currently very mixed depending on the time frame, so I should be careful not to take too much bearish or bullish outlook and concentrate only short term outlook.

Even some indicators are bearish mid term, it is hard to believe in any bigger correction before we get 52-week lows. Currently we are having zero lows. Another (and likely) possibility is that the stocks are currently so highly correlated, that this kind of behaviour isn't needed.

Dax Volume Index is giving a possibility to drop above 6500.

20 day highs-lows ratio is still on the bullish side.

Dax Cycles is a little bit bearish.

6974 is still an important resistance today, and if Dax manages to climb above it then climb above 7000 should bury bear's hopes (again). Although, today's low could be near 6868, but still above yesterday's low. If today is a strong up day, some of my reliable indicators will also turn from very oversold condition, thus indicating bullish Monday. We will see.