Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dax indicators, trade and global market 27.3.2012

No clear direction. I hope today will confirm up or down.

There haven't been enough negative news lately to give a good reason to sell. But it is obvious that the market is in a state that bad news would be strong sell signal. MSI is very high and trying to point down. 

Dax Cycle hasn't decided wether to stay up, go down, or make a strong rebound and the fall. 

Investors seem to be buying more low beta stocks at the moment. 

Volume index is trying to go down ahead the prices.

Hang Seng hasn't been able to break above the declining trend line and Fibonacci at 21317. Break above  that level should bring the index to 23868, but if it fails then the target is 18740. 

Aud-Jpy hasn't been able to make new annual highs since last April: New highs would confirm the rise of global risk appetite. 

 Eur-Usd is also struggling below it's Fibonacci 1.34.

Low beta basket had another confirmation yesterday.

Trend Following system suggests staying in an uptrend above 7050.6.

BUY: DAI if open < 46.785.