Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thoughts about Dax and the current trend 19.5.2012

Dax is flirting with the lower bottom of declining trend. Apparently, Fibonacci 50% and 200 days moving average should have their impact on forthcoming week. It could be reasonable to assume the trading range between 6200 - 6400.

Eur-usd rebounded from lower low which was should be very important support. Therefore, we can expect more rebound before testing the low again.

Some of the indicators still point down even the latest behavior of Volume index hasn't been exactly in unison compared to price index (Dax).

McClellan has been quite reliable and clear indicator to reveal longer trends.

Also Overbought and Oversold condition doesn't look like it would turn right now.

Risk behavior suggests that we could soon be nearing the bottom, and so far this indicator is at reasonable level compared to prices and we only need one single day to turn this indicator up.

We also need the high correlation level to lower first before any big trend change could happen.

Overview: The evidence shows that the intermediate term trend is still down, but there are some minor observations in the investor behavior that suggest some hesitation and at least short term rebound. The question remains if the rebound will also act as an intermediate term market bottom. The big question is whether the institutions and block traders shall join this sell-off, and thus driving the prices even lower, since now these major participants have stayed on the sidelines.