Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dax sentiment week 1

Europe bearish, US bullish

It seems that US investors have been trying to push the stocks up, otherwise Europeans would have dragged the market down. Also Asians have been in a bearish mood lately. It seems that there are more bearish signals than bullish even the market hasn't wanted to decline, yet.

Dax McClellan indicator is currently at level zero, which would be nice touch if we want to have a turning point here.

Advancing stocks minus declining stocks turned negative.

Dax McClellan oscillator is way too high! Haven't seen this high level for ages.

20 day stock performance has been building up negative divergence. Normally this high level would mean short term market bottom, but this doesn't look like a bottom. So, it seems that Dax should decline a little bit to have a real market bottom.

Volume index hasn't followed the advance in prices. Even the price index made high levels, the volume is waiting the prices to decline.