Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dax indicators 27.4.2012

In addition to pure technical view, all of the indicators point to higher high.

20 day highs vs. lows pointing up.

Intermediate Dax cycles pointing up.

Dax volume index already made a fulfilled forecast to a climb above 6800. 

I have seen arguments that the average volume has been low, but I cannot see any point in that since the volume seems to be decent.

Dax risk indicator has became quite high. Previously when this indicator has climbed above 70, there hasn't been much room for the upside. It is still expected that Dax could touch 7000 before consolidating. 

3 month's biggest gainer is Man (+20,3%) while the biggest loser is Metro (-20%). At the same time Dax is up +4%.

Currently the correlation between the stocks and index is lowering, which is a good for stock picking and diversifying. Nowadays diversifying doesn't help in a downtrends, but fortunately uptrends still offer great opportunities.

If you read between the lines, the current short term trend seems to be up (for a while...).