Friday, September 23, 2011

Dax sentiment 23.9.2011

Buying still lagging

It is obvious that investors are not buying stocks at the situation. The sellers became again aggressive yesterday thus making the index close almost -5% lower. During this week, we have seen 3 new 52-week lows: Deutsche Post, Lufthansa and Thyssenkrupp. The chart below tells the story about bulls and bears: if the buying indicator (green) won't start to climb soon, the bears are in control.
Index has been dragged down by fewer and fewer stocks that has been very heavily sold, especially banks. However, 60% of stocks have been performing better than the actual index. This seems very promising if we want to find short term bottoms, even this ratio can go much higher as can be seen during the 2009 lows.
According to survey made by Cognitrend the sentiment of Dax investors have been positive.